About Us


Our Mission

To help everyone achieve their health and fitness goals by making it easy and affordable to speak to health professionals


Our Story

Since the age of 11 I've suffered from chronic back pain. I've always been very active and enjoyed setting myself physical challenges but my pain has always been a limiting factor. I have sought professional advice on many occasions but have never been able to afford regular support.

In my mid-twenties my conditioned worsened, resulting in hospital treatment. I paid for a small number of physio sessions but after a year I relapsed and became unable to walk and unable to work for weeks. It was a scary experience and a completely avoidable one. 

Finally, after 16 years, my condition had gotten bad enough that I was able to start a programme of regular physiotherapy and consultancy with a spinal surgeon courtesy of work health insurance. The results from regularly speaking to experts have been incredible and I am now planning an iron man 70.3. 


It shouldn't have to take an emergency for people to get affordable access to health and fitness professionals. We all form bad habits whether nutritional, physical or, in my case, postural that become ever harder to change and even dangerous over time.  

These problems are preventing millions of us from being the happiest, healthiest version of ourselves that we want to be and they can be resolved simply through access to the right advice and support.

Whether you've been: trying to lose weight for years; unable to achieve the physique you want; eating healthily or dieting but never seeing any sustained benefits or struggling to improve your fitness, speaking regularly to an expert will help provide you with personalised information you need to finally achieve your goals. 

That's why we created HealthPOD. We want to help everyone achieve their health and fitness goals by making it easy and affordable to speak to health professionals. 

Tom, HealthPOD Founder

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Who we are

HealthPOD is an online platform that allows you to speak one on one with a health professional for under half the cost of a traditional session. Get answers to your questions and learn how to run your own fitness regime whilst always having a professional on hand to support and challenge you.

Set your goals, establish an action plan and record your progress with the consultation of industry leading experts.


Our professionals

All our professionals are vetted by us to ensure you receive only the highest quality advice. They are all highly qualified experts in their field and we match you to best trainer for your goal. We also provide a host of specialised training for our professionals as part of our promise to help them grow and develop their careers.

The advantage for our professionals

  • We provide access to more clients than ever before and they're not limited by locality.

  • They are able to monetise spare time between clients that they aren’t currently being paid for.

  • There’s no friction - no commute time, no planning and they can fill a cancellation at their gym at the last second.

  • We provide a host of training to help them develop their skills and career.


Our founders


Tom Sheppey - Co-Founder & CEO

Marketing strategist and app analyst across market leading brands, including MaxiMuscle and Sky. Lifelong health & fitness enthusiast.


Will Kennard - Co-Founder and CTO

App development project manager, digital marketer, qualified PT with 7 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Previous experience in technical SEO and web development.

Jared Williams - Co-Founder and Growth Strategy

Jared is the founder of Fresh Fitness Food, an industry leading personalised meal delivery service he took from a kitchen in his flat to £10m valuation in 4 years.