Health Professional Guide

A guide for health professionals working with HealthPOD to get the best results for you and your clients.



Calls are 25 minutes and cost our clients £15.

To cover our expenses for recruitment, sourcing clients and hosting the sessions we earn a 25% commission on this fee.

We know how important it is to get that cash in the bank so make sure you get paid right away. Once you’ve submitted the written follow up your payment goes straight into processing the payment for all sessions that week will be issued by Friday.

Payment is automated so once you’re set up you don’t need to worry about anything.


Session best practice

  • All sessions must be 25 minutes. Payment will not be taken for any time over this.

  • Ensure you have full phone reception/ wifi connection for the duration of the session.

  • Ensure you are in a quiet, private place where you will not be interrupted.

  • For video calls ensure your mobile device is fixed and stationery, for example on a desk, and not in your hand.

  • Ensure that you supply the client with a comprehensive ‘pod’ (see below) following every session.

  • Ensure to supply all pods within 24 hours of the session.

  • When creating a pod, always use the template below.

Session Structure

The below is intended as a guide but your expertise will determine the exact format for an individual session:

Goal, complication, question (GCQ)

  • Goal

    • Find out their goal and motivations: e.g. ‘I want to lose weight to be healthier and look better’.

  • Complication

    • Establish what’s preventing them from achieving this goal: e.g. ‘I have a busy job that prevents me exercising regularly and eating healthily’.

  • Question

    • Help them formulate a specific question that will serve as the focus for their pod: e.g. ‘how do I lose weight with only 3 hours of exercise a week and limited healthy food options at lunch?’


Timing: 10 Minutes


Establishing information & KPIs

At this stage establish their current habits and routine in more detail as well as KPIs (key performance indicators)

  • How will you be measuring success? E.g. just weight loss or body fat % or waistline measurement?

  • What are their measurements currently? Where do they want to be?

  • What does an average food day look like?

  • What does an average food week look like?

  • What kind of exercise do they do? How long for? How often?

  • Are they carrying any injuries?

  • How much do they drink?

  • Do they smoke?

  • What’re their energy levels like?

  • How much do they sleep? Etc.


Timing: 5 Minutes


Establish a plan

This stage is to explain the plan you are recommending to them but doesn’t need to be overly detailed as this will come in the pod.

  • Talk them through the recommendation you are going to give them.

  • Explain the theory behind it so that they understand the process.

  • Establish a timeframe: what they need to do by when and when they might want their next session.


Timing: 10 Minutes


What you will deliver to the client

POD Template

  • 3 SMART actions

  • Workout plan (exercises, timings, reps)

  • 1 day sample meal plan (meals and snacks)

Actions for Client:

SMART goals:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Actionable

  • Realistic

  • Time based