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The fitness industry isn't providing people with a sustainable means of achieving their goals. 76% UK adults exercise 1+ times a week but half aren’t happy with their body.


Coaches have over 3 hours a day they can’t monetise that’s causing 80% of trainers drop out in their first 2 years.


HealthPOD is a platform that connects consumers with personal trainers and nutritionists for a 1-2-1 consultancy video-call.


Consumer Benefits

  • Access world class fitness professionals.

  • Each session is just £15, no contract.

  • Anytime, anywhere.

  • Personalised advice, ongoing support.


Coach Benefits

  • Increase weekly income.

  • Monetise dead time.

  • Expand existing client base.

  • Flexible working: anytime, anywhere.


Our Proof Of Concept

MVP website testing

  • Test concept and establish core product feature list.

  • Establish key commercial benchmarks.

The numbers

  • 2.4k visits, 3.6k page views, 150 trials

  • More than 90% of sessions were followed up with verbal or written feedback (coach and consumer).

Gym Group sponsored research project 

  • Size demand from coaches and test key reasons to use. 

  • Test existing features and identify additional core ones. 

The numbers

  • 92% of Gym Group coaches said that wanted to use HealthPOD.

  • 50% of participants pre-registered for the app product.

  • 48 coach interviews and 50 questionnaire responses.

App Prototype testing

  • Test UX and refining details of user journeys of all core features.

  • Validate operating model and commercials.

The numbers

  • 30 coach trials and 25 user trials with existing network of ambassadors from MVP.


It’s a Huge Market

£4.9 bn in the UK, up 6.3% on 2016 and 32% since 2010.

76% UK adults exercise 1+ times a week.

The global fitness app market forecasts to grow at a CAGR of 29.45% during the period 2017-20213.

Gym membership & the broader health and fitness market have already exploded

27% of UK adults use sports nutrition products.

9.9m people are members of a gym.

Growth is being driven by the value/convenience end of the market

The Gym Group and Pure Gym are now the largest gym groups by members with a combined 13.4% market share.

My Protein is the 4th highest ranked health site in the UK.

2018 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report.


Our Points of Difference

  • Simple and seamless user experience

  • Affordable at less than 50% cost of a PT

  • Personalised 1 to 1 consultancy experience

  • Quality through vetted coaches

  • No travel time, access anywhere

  • Goal focused user flow

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 19.56.04.png

Current Partners

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 20.30.34.png

We have various partnerships in place already including

  • UK’s Largest Gym Chain

  • UK Active 2019 Accelerator

  • 3C’s Investment Community Q1 2019 Winner

  • Tech partnerships and app build in place

  • Sports influencer partnerships ready


The Opportunity

Use Of Funds

Build and test our app platform, implement a UK marketing strategy and cover working capital requirements. Management will remain focused on preparing the business for series-A investment to refine the platform, add features and accelerate growth.


We are raising £150k of SEIS qualifying investment in order to build, market, test and refine our app platform, positioning HealthPOD as a market leader before expanding into other markets.


Investment Process

We are inviting minimum investments of £10k. We are open to overfunding up to £200k, in which case SEIS will be made available on a first come, first served basis. We are looking to close this round of investment by end of May 2019.

Return on Investment

We forecast turning a profit by 2021 and achieving revenue of £125m in 2023 at which stage we anticipate a trade sale or management buy-out.

The Future

We’re creating a platform that unlocks expertise in a way never before possible, using the power of technology to connect people to experts virtually.

logo assets-01.png

Our custom matching algorithm and intelligent vetting process provides unparalleled quality expertise to anyone, anywhere, across any field. From the outset we are building a platform capable of hosting a rich data set of consumer behaviour across industries to drive growth and future revenue sources.


The Founding Team

Tom Sheppey.png

Tom Sheppey

Founder & CEO

Marketing strategist and app analyst across market leading brands, including MaxiMuscle and Sky. Lifelong health & fitness enthusiast.

Will Kennard.png

Will Kennard

Founder & CTO

Digital marketer, qualified PT with 7 years experience in the health and fitness industry. Previous experience in technical SEO and web development.

Jared Williams.png

Jared Williams

Founder & Growth Strategy

Jared is the founder of Fresh Fitness Food, an industry leading personalised meal delivery service he took from a kitchen in his flat to £10m valuation in 4 years.